New album release : Fabien W. Furter's "Music For Isolation Tanks Vol. 1"


"Music for Isolation Tanks Vol. I", new album by Fabien W. Furter is now available everywhere via No Good To Anyone Productions. Fans of Brian Eno, Tim Hecker or Ben Frost will like this one for sure!

All written, performed and engineered by Fabien W. Furter (Death Whore, ex-Wheelfall, ex-Chaos Echoes, ex-Phazm), the whole album consists in one 45min instrumental track, divided in 11 steps, especially intended to diffuse the introspective travel and vertiginous atmosphere of a session in an isolation tank (or sensory deprivation tank). The captivating artwork was made by Thibaut Marquis.

For now, "Music for Isolation Tanks Vol. I" is only available on digital, and at the price of 1€ or pay-what-you-want on Bandcamp. A physioal release is planned later this year, on cassette probably.

Bandcamp (pay-what-you-want):
Streaming links (spotify, deezer, itunes, youtube etc):



Tracklist :
1. You redeemed me from the pit.
2. I was in...
3. ...that ultimate moment of terror...
4. ...that is the beginning of life.
5. It is nothing.
6. Simple, hideous nothing.
7. The final truth...
8. ...of all things...
9. that there is no final truth.
10. Truth is what's transitory.
11. It's human life that is real.
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