Carivari: new album out now

The band CARIVARI (from Nice, France) has just released their new album "Reset" via No Good To Anyone Productions! For fans of Full of Hell, Ministry, Code Orange.

The album is available in digital on every streaming service and bandcamp:


Release June 4th, 2021 by No Good To Anyone Productions

1. Trapped Between 2 Mirrors 02:25
2. Democratic Rape 03:04
3. Earth's Veins 03:34
4. There Won't Be Answers 03:05
5. Smithereens 02:25
6. Danse Macabre 03:01
7. Reject Them 05:13
8. Faithful Life 02:55
9. Empty Shells 05:47
10. The Dancing Plague 02:35
11. Reset 03:33


About Carivari

RESET is CARIVARI’s first album, formed in 2019 in Nice (France). 11 tracks of acerbic and ultra-modern sonic excess, a sort of misshapen crossover between an updated version of Ministry under creatine and the fury of Full Of Hell, cemented with glitches.

With this first album, CARIVARI appropriates musically and aesthetically the codes of industrial music, hardcore and grindcore. It portrays a hybrid vision of the world, as organic as it is electronic, passed through an abrupt and liberating cut-up.

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